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Hyve Unit 604


  • Recyclables can be placed into the blue bags and left in the unit, we will take care of it for you!

  • Compost: you can place food scraps into the compost bin on the kitchen counter and leave it in the unit

  • Log out of all streaming accounts

  • Please take all belongings with you, whatever you wish to donate can be left on the kitchen counter

  • Please ensure that tumblers, cooking utensils, and pool towels are brought back in the unit

The following items are OPTIONAL but would be highly appreciated by our staff: 

  • Trash: A trash chute is located next to the elevator. Please only place trash bags into it, no loose trash 

  • Please start a single load of towels in the washer.  Do NOT worry about the beds, we've got those covered.

  • Please place all dirty/used dishes and glassware in the dishwasher and run the dishwasher on the 1-hr cycle.  

  • LOST & FOUND: if we find a personal belonging in the property after you leave, we will keep it for 2 weeks and then donate it. Humming Host cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged personal belongings. If you think you left something behind, please give us a call!  

DONATION: any food or drink leftover will be either donated or composted. If you'd like to donate clothes, shoes, and/or accessories, you can leave them in a tote bag on your kitchen counter, and we will donate them for you. Feel free to inform your host as well.

BOOK DIRECT AND SAVE! Check out all our listings:


  • The gym, pool, lounge and courtyard are located on the 2nd floor, to the right when exiting the elevator. 

  • Pool hours: 7am-10pm, May-October - Feel free to use the beach towels. Please remember to bring them back to the unit. Pool requires Latch access.

  • Courtyard hours: 7am-10pm year-round.

  • Gym and lounge open 24 hours. 

  • Fire pits are gas and are on a timer: 

  1. Set the timer 

  2. Place lighter into the pit and light it 

  3. Leaving the lighter lit, turn the red gas knob on the pit and the fire will start

  • Postcards: if you’d like to write a postcard during your stay, we will gladly stamp & mail it for you!

  • NEW: The Market, featuring a beverage vending machine and ice maker, can be found on the Lobby-level through the door to the right when exiting the elevetor. It will be on your left-- there is a sign hanging above it. Requires Latch access.

We are pleased to offer a room service with our partner, Bad Axe: 

• $25 Min Order

• 20% delivery service fee

• Individual and community space catering

• Alcohol available for delivery 

The menu is located in your kitchen. You can order by calling (629) 203-6158

They will deliver to your door! 


  • Shoes: We kindly ask that you take off your shoes to walk into the condo

  • Smart TV: Enjoy our HuluLive account, or stream your own content

  • Luggage drop off available Thurs-Sun 10-4 upon request and free of charge 

  • Food deliveries: Please meet your delivery driver in the lobby. Do not share codes.

  • No piggybacking: Please pay attention to who you let in the building behind you. For security reasons, no one may access the building without a code/Latch access.

  • IMPORTANT: For security reasons, the front door of your unit must remain closed at ALL TIMES, especially when cooking, to avoid triggering the building’s fire alarm system. If the building’s fire alarm system is triggered, the entire building will be forced to evacuate and YOU WILL BE FINED by the fire department for a false alarm. Please open the BALCONY doors instead.


You can reach us at:

On-site security after-hour contact:

  • (615) 918-0384




Common area Wifi:

Hyve Public Wifi


Sustainability Practices

This property is managed by: Humming Host Pllc

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